Elder Maller

Elder Maller

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Nov 23, 2016

Nov 23, 2016Hey it has been officially one month since I arrived at the MTC; pretty crazy.  On Saturday we went tracking again and that was an awesome learning experience.  We were tracking for four and a half hours trying to find someone who would even talk to us, we were soooo frustrated, although we felt like we had more success than last time.  We eventually ended back at the bus stop were we were supposed to meet to get picked up.  We hadn’t given out anything or have been able to talk to anyone about the gospel.  However at the bus stop, we talked with one last person and her friend and I wasn’t able to understand all that she was saying but she said she was a catholic but she was looking for more.  We were able to give out two copies of the Book of Mormon, one to her and her friend.  We invited her to church, we got her contact information and we taught them both a mini fist lesson, sooooo awesome, we were soooo happy.  I look forward the entire week to go tracking, it so much fun even when we get frustrated. Some of our roommates left the MTC for their missions.  It was sad to see them go although one of them snores like non other so I’m pretty happy he’s gone now hahaha.

I love you all soooo much 

Elder Maller

Friday, November 18, 2016

Nov 17, 2016

Nov. 17, 2016This week was pretty eventful, I’ll start with last Thursday when we met Elder Rasband. We got on a bus and drove for like an hour into the east mission next to the ocean.  It took about an hour and we met up with all the other missionaries in the east mission. We met in this chapel and we waited for a while for Elder Rasband to arrive.  The moment he walked in you knew he wasn’t just a typical man.  When I went up to shake his hand I looked into his eyes and it was so weird I never had a similar impression from another human being.  We gave the best talk I’ve ever heard. The spirit was incredible I’ve never felt it so strong, he told us that every Tuesday morning all the apostles have a special prayer in Salt Lake just for missionaries!  It’s awesome to think about that. Near the end of his talk, when he bore his testimony, he would just say simple statements like “your heavenly father loves you” or “our prophet is called of god” or “your families will be blessed” and when he said these phrases I almost started balling the spirit was just like I’ve never felt before. On Saturday we went proselyting in the west my mission! I was sooooooo nervous for some reason, but things worked out. We gave away all our pass-along cards and we gave out a Book of Mormon. We got into a small bible bash with a catholic person; I wish I learned more about them before my mission. Two days ago, the other “three week” missionaries left including our only other gringo district, so our district had the entire MTC to ourselves for the night.  I didn’t realized I would have to say goodbye to some great friends every month or so from now on. It was actually really hard to say goodbye to some of the Latinos, there actually soooo hilarious. In one of my photos, I’m standing next to him next at the fountain his name is Elder Daniel and he doesn’t speak any English, but we always tell him to say stuff like “I go poo poo” it’s the best. Today I went to the temple again and I’m understanding more and more of the sessions. We just got new Latinos and gringo’s today. One is from eastern Canada but the rest are from Utah. I’m doing soooo well her I can honestly feel your prayers I love you guys

Oh something else, our whole district got sick for like a week and my companion cut open his finger really bad it was spraying blood, plus he almost broke his ankle like a week ago; he’s the funniest though, when it happened he just started laughing his head off like why does this happen to me; soooo funny. Our district is sooo close, last night I had to stay up till like 12 midnight to wait for the new missionaries to come in, I can’t believe I used to stay up that late.

There are so many moments in the day that I want to show you guys or tell you about I truly love it here I'm going to miss the MTC, I love you Guys. 

Friday, November 11, 2016

Nov 10, 2016

Nov 10, 2016 - Hi, I have a few minutes to catch-up on some emails.  We went to the temple this morning and I can understanding more and more each time.  After the temple we went downtown Buenos Aires to take care of some visa stuff.  Downtown is crazy.  There is so many people and the traffic is crazy; I thought we were going to die. We heard about the US election, the people down are a little scared.  I'll post some more pictures next week and have more details. Bye, Love you all.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

3 Nov 2016

3 Nov 2016 - Today is my first P-day here at the MTC.  There are a total of 96 missionaries in the MTC right now, which is almost at capacity.  The food here is great, we have steak all the time and I haven't had the same meal twice yet.  There are 8 missionaries in my district.  My companion is Elder Donsdale from Salt Lake.  There are 2 Aussies, 1 Canadian and the rest Americans in my district. Its pretty sweet, there are 8 of us packed into a dorm.  Me and my companion are the only guys that speak english.  All of our classes are in spanish and all are teachers don't speak much english.  We get to do physical activity everyday for about and hour and a half but other than that the rest of the day we have studies for 12 13 hours a day.  

I'm having a blast here.  I've learned so much here; the gift of tounges is a crazy thing. I found out my companion Elder Donsdall is clinically a genius, he got a perfect score on his ACT's and he's got a full ride academic scholarship to BYU. What's interesting though is we know about the same amount of Spanish. I would like to believe it's because I'm also a genius, but I feel like through the gift of tongues is able to extend are language learning capability past our own ability.  

We've already learned a ton of Spanish.  We went to the temple this morning and it was also all in Spanish but I was able to understand a good majority of the words hahah.  

My P-day next week is on Wednesday cause Elder Rasband is coming!!!

27 Oct 2016

27 Oct 2016 - I've  arrived at the CCM (MTC in Argentina)! After a 23 hour travel day, I arrived in Buenos Aires at 9:00am and we headed from the airport to the CCM.