Elder Maller

Elder Maller

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Oct 30, 2017

I hope everyone is doing great! This week was pretty crazy we had our zone conference with about 100 new things coming up. First off, we got all set up for the “light the world” event coming up this Christmas and its gonna be sweet this year. We were told this conference as well that we are aloud to talk to others in "vos" which is a informal Argentine way of speaking, although we are only aloud to when someone speaks to us in vos. I have to practice it a little but it sounds like a really thug Spanish way of speaking. We also got a new schedule. So on Mondays I will still be writing you all, but Monday isn’t our p-day; for us p-day is on Thursday. President did it this way so we save time by doing our weekly planning, district meeting and writing home all on the same day. I think it will be a pretty cool change. Those were probably some of the biggest changes but ya, cool things are going on here. I got to do divisions with Elder Franco and then with Elder Fernadez. They’re both a bunch of great guys. Elder Fernadez goes home next week so we are going to go bowling in a bit. Things are good though with the work we should see some baptisms coming up in the end of or middle of November. Its crazy that it has been a year though so much has happened and I can’t what to tell you all about it next year. I hope you guys have a great week, love yall!  

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Oct 23, 2017

This week was pretty great but I’m not to sure why, I just feel good haha. This was the fist week will all the new elders in Ferrari and it went pretty smoothly. I can’t think of much to write about I mean yesterday was the elections but it was super chill so nothing happened. Um we bought a cool dispenser that makes the water hot instantly which is great for mate, so that’s pretty exciting. The fruit stands are starting to come back so that’s also sweet news. It sounds like we got a mission conference this next week which is boss.  I think we are gonna be talking about the “light up the world Christmas campaign” thing that we had last year. If you check out one of the videos from last year there’s one that features Buenos Aires and its pretty dope. I just saw it for the first time today and some missionaries from our mission got some features. I honestly have no clue what else I can talk about, the work is going good my health is pretty good and the weather is getting better, but everything else is super awesome. I’m feeling great. I hope this week goes well for y’all love y’all

Elder Maller 

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Oct 17, 2017

It was great to Skype the other day, I’m sure there were many jealous missionary moms (Sunday Oct 15 was mother’s day in Argentina and all the missionaries got to Skype home!). So yesterday was kinda nuts and that’s why I never got a chance to email.  We had to help Elder Franco and Elder Garcia move in. It’s a little tight now in the pench, but it’s a good time.  Elder Franco is from Mexico and Elder Garcia is from Ecuador.  We were showing them the area yesterday and they’re pretty excited; I think Ferrari is going to blow up here soon. It’s a little crazy right now in the mission. I heard from one of the office elders that the mission has had over twenty flashes (or changes) in the past three weeks! I’m pretty excited to see how things will change, but I’m sure it will be great!  I’m not sure what else to say, I mean I just skyped the other day so.... I hope you guys have a great week, it sounds like everything is awesome from all the pictures!! I love ya!

Monday, October 9, 2017

Oct 10, 2017

Hey I didn’t even realize Canadian thanksgiving just happened this week until after reading your guys emails; I’m glad to hear that it went good though. This week was a pretty awesome week for me and Elder Ruiz we have a bunch of good stuff going on right now in the area. The bishop is a pretty great and a big help as well. We got a baptism coming up this Saturday. we also have interviews as well. And as of yesterday, I was able to make it two weeks without getting robbed here in Ferrari, but yesterday they got us :(  They took our phone and our watches :(  I was pretty sad cause they took the calculator watch you guys gave me but I got over it pretty quick. What was even worse is that we had to travel all the way back to the offices to get a new phone and we lost like 3 hours of p-day but its all good. I was thinking a lot though on why we didn’t get any spiritual prompting not to walk on this particular street because about 3 days before me and Elder Ruiz got a really strong warning not to enter this guys house. The story is, we contacted this guy just out side his house and we started teaching him a little bit but we asked if we could go inside and share more. He let us in, but as Elder Ruiz and I went passed the gate, at the same moment we just felt this really gross felling inside. We looked at each other an we told the guy that we had to go hahah. What was weird was that guy actually started to get mad which was weird, I thought he would be more chill about it, so we kinda just walked away hahaha. It’s interesting to think about, but I realize it doesn’t really matter, who knows what could have happened if the robber didn’t rob us, we could have maybe even avoided something else if he didn’t. I know I am protected as a missionary though its a pretty boss feeling hahah. I hope you guys have a great week love y’all  

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Oct 2, 2017

We had a pretty great week here in Ferrari. Me and Elder Ruiz get along great which is awesome. He is from Provo Utah and his dad is from Mexico but he doesn’t know any Spanish. Thankfully Elder Ruiz actually speaks pretty well though. We had a week full of rain together but we got some good things done with a few potential baptisms for this month. It’s crazy to actually think I made it to October I never had thought about my mission that far into the mission before haha. The other day I was looking through the calendar and I figured out that the way transfers work I would actually be coming home sometime during this week, in a year from now. The biggest highlight for sure though was general conference. This time we were able to watch it all in English as a zone so that was actually pretty fun. I loved every talk but one that I really enjoyed was by President Erying. It made me think about all the chances I had to serve as a youth in scouts and stuff. Like when we did the flood clean up in Calgary or when we went to Kelowna to do the fire clean up. I remember when we all got dressed up in the white hazmat suits and masks, such a good time haha. I also really enjoyed the talk from Edler Hallstrom and what he quoted from President Erying, if we have faith to accept Gods eternal plan and not be healed. I have been thinking about that lately but relating it to my mission on why God put me with certain companions or in certain areas but I know I will find out and better understand why one day. I hope you all enjoyed conference as well I love y’all

Elder Maller