Elder Maller

Elder Maller

Monday, January 22, 2018

Jan 22, 2018

We got some big news this week! On Wednesday morning we got a call from the offices telling that we would have a flash!! Elder Lopez came into Ferrari to spend his last two weeks in the mission field! Elder Lopez and I go way back and its crazy to finally see him going home. We were never comps but we lived in the same pench together for about a transfer and we had a ton of fun together. So now we get the chance to work together in a trio and that has been a lot of fun, but its been pretty different to. Were all loving it though and we are working well together. The other day on our way back to the pench in our last contact of the day we contacted this guy that can’t speak and can’t talk and he can’t lip read so the only way he could communicate was through sign language but because none of us knew sign language we just kinda felt like cave men hahahah. We would point to the Book of Mormon and point to all the pamphlets and stuff haha. It was pretty nuts but we committed him to read the Book of Mormon and were going back on Tuesday so we are pretty pumped to see how were going teach the restoration haha, will probably have to do some practices without any words hahah. but ya life is going great in the mission so far, so I hope y’all have a great week!!

Elder Maller  

Monday, January 15, 2018

Jan 15, 2018

This was a great week.  On Wednesday we had zone conferences and it was so funny just to notice how they have changed since President Robertson’s time. I remember his conferences were really spiritual and I felt that I always took something cool away from them. Now with President Resek it’s just like a huge motivational party. The topic was all about how we all are going to baptize 48 people each in this year! That is a huge number, it would mean that if everyone could do it, the mission would baptize 3000 plus people. It’ll be really tough but Elder Tanner and I are up for the challenge. At this point we have been trying to work a little differently and plan a little differently. Because of that, on the 27th we could be getting 3 baptisms, but were gonna have to keep working and praying hard!  We also got a change in our schedule so know we leave earlier but we study during the middle of the day cause it’s just way too hot. So far I like the schedule so I’m still just super happy. Something that caught my attention was a phrase they used a lot which is “nuca vive abajo de su privilegio, aplique lo que sabe”. It means that we should never live bellow our privilege and that we just need to get off our butt and just apply what we already know. I hope you guys are doing great I love ya a ton!!

Elder Maller  

Monday, January 8, 2018

Jan 8, 2017

This week was pretty sweet! On Tuesday I got my new comp Elder Tanner!!!! he is super cool guy he was stuck in the offices for a while like 6 months as the materials secretary or something like that so on day one he had a lot of energy and we had a great week together. Fun fact is that his great great great grandpa or something like that is Father Tanner! like the guy who didn’t have to get his leg cut off and he gave a bunch of money to the church and stuff like that. I’m not too sure how long will be together because the transfer ends in like three 3 weeks but will see. On Sunday night we ate waffles and syrup which is something that does not exist here! so that was sweet. right after we made a podcast that is call the "podcast by the Ferrari cast" we are all super excited about it here so ill try to send it too you guys. I love y’all a ton I hope you have a great week!

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Dec 18, 2017

Hey, I hope all is going great back home. Things were pretty great. This week we were able to see Gabriela and Milagros get baptized. Crlso and Pedro are lined up as well for the coming weeks. Today is the first day of transfers and tomorrow the mission party, super excited for that. I think that we are gonna have a big mission wide secret santa thing so I’m pumped not too sure what ill buy, but I remember last year I was able to find a horse head statue, so ill be definitely keeping my eye out for that today. Thankfully for this transfer Elder Bullock and I will be staying together and I’ll be able to finish his training. We have been having a blast together, he is for sure a favorite comp of mine. We spent a lot of time talking about the future, we wanna live in the Dominican Republic together for a bit, hahaha. In our free time we have also been playing a ton of chess and we have been making some cool discoveries in the Abrahamic circle things that everyone occasionally looks at. It’s actually pretty cool. Everything has been pretty great I’m not sure what else so say. Time has been passing faster than ever and I think it really hit me this passed week how fast 10 months will fly by. I learned a lot of cool stuff about faith this week. It’s crazy how deep some basic doctrines can go but at the same time they’re just super simple. That’s why I love the church, there are just always so many things to learn about. I love ya fam I hope you guys have a great week. exactly one until we get to skype!!!!!!

Elder Maller 

Monday, December 11, 2017

Dec 11, 2017

Great week this week, all is still going well in Ferrari. People are wanting to get baptized so I guess will be having a white Christmas here in Argentina if you know what I mean. It still sounds like Pres. Resek will be baptizing one of our converts on the 23rd so that is awesome. Gabriela and Milagros should be getting baptized as well this Saturday. Their both sisters and they have been taught by us for a while but they have been finally able to get out to church so life is great. Interviews were great. It was funny cause I didn’t get my interview until 10 at night so we obviously got back a little late to the pench but it was all chill. President is a great guy. Every interview he always finds some way to just blow my mind and make me feel like I’m doing great. We just got back from a killer district meeting with the zone leaders and I think it went well. We did a practice that was basically like a big scripture chase for answering possible questions that investigators have. This one scripture got pulled out from 1 Nephi 13:22 and we all had a great laugh about that one. I hope all is going great with the fam. I love you guys so much!!!!   

Monday, December 4, 2017

Dec 4, 2017

I’m sure I say this a lot, but THIS was the best week of my mission so far; it was soooooo good. To start it all off at the beginning we had a great zone conference. At the lunch break president took us all to Carmens, which is a pretty nice restaurant in the city and we could basically order anything that we wanted, so I got some sort of pork chop thing. This zone conference was great because I got the chance to see a lot of people I haven’t been able to see in such a long time. I got to see Elder Ruiz and we got a chance to catch up at Carmens. Thankfully he is doing just great. After the zone conference Elder Franco got all his stuff packed up and a remis came to pick him up and he got sent to the offices. The funny thing is he left around 7pm and it takes about 30 minutes in a remis to get to the offices, so just before 9:30pm as we are getin back to the pench I get a call for the secretary and there all freaking out, like asking when did Elder Franco leave because they couldn’t find him. (Elder Franco was sent to the Ramos Mejia at a place other than the offices without a phone hahah) Thankfully in the middle of the night they were able to find him and he got home all good.  At the same time Elder Burk came in to replace Elder Franco. Elder Burk just finished his training a few weeks ago so now he is finishing Elder Garcias last few weeks of training. This all means that in total our experience as missionaries in time, is less than 2 years with all of our time combine between the four of us hahaha. So I feel a little like I’m training three missionaries but thankfully they’re all hard working guys and we all get along great. We also got a ton of investigators getting baptized this month and yesterday we had the stake conference of Marcoz Pax so all these people came to speak like the temple president and his wife, president and hermana resek and this seventy named Elder Salas so it was a super awesome day! Carlos (one investigator who is the head of his member family and is getting baptized just before Christmas) went up to President Resek after the meeting and straight up asked him to do his baptism!!! President Resek was pumped for it, I was pumped for it, Elder Bullock was pumped for it and so we were all pumped for it and we are all still pumped for it. We even had our ward missionary leader go and get a baptismal date for December from an investigator that rejected our first invitation! super awesome. Pday was also good this week and it was pretty chill Elder Bullock and I just played chess the whole day. loving the mission. I hope you guys are doing great back home have a great week!

Elder Maller

Monday, November 27, 2017

Nov 27, 2017

Things are super awesome in the mission right now. We just got a huge baptismal fest in the ward. This guys named Antioni got baptized and I can’t believe how much he has changed, he is super awesome. He’s got a ton of friends in the church so he feels great. The other elders in our district baptized these other two kids and I got to do their baptismal interview which was a cool experience. This week I got to do divisions with the Zone Leaders and I went with Elder Sultan and he is super cool. We had a great day together. During the week I also got to do divisions with Elder Franco. Elder Franco will finish his mission this week, so I was probably his last divisions comp. He is a great guy, he lives in Puebla Mexico, which is were Joel is serving, so who knows if they meet up! Elder Bullock and I are still doing great. He is learning Spanish pretty quick and he seems to be loving the mission so were having a great time. The weather has been starting to heat up pretty bad I’m starting to get burnt a little and its pretty hard to sleep at night, but its way better than the cold at least. I’m pretty pumped for this week, we got zone conference and we will be doing it with the zone of Moreno so I’ll be meeting up with Elder Ruiz again on Wednesday!! he is super cool one of the best comps next to Elder Wihongi and Elder Bullock! I hope all is well for you guys back home. I can’t wait to skype in like 3 weeks!!! have a great week!!!

Elder Maller