Elder Maller

Elder Maller

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

April 23, 2018

To start off I’m staying in Arco Iris with Elder Ruiz!! We are super pumped because of it too, we had a ton of fun this transfer and this next one will be sick because Elder Sultan is coming back to the zone!! He will finish his mission in Ferrari where I just was! Will be hanging out for sure. This week was super crazy though because on Thursday night we took a three hour train down to Lobos and we spent our days there until Saturday contacting and inviting people to a family history workshop that the ward was going to have. The only thing was is that it rained non stop down there and it was pretty tough. President Resek also came down on Friday to do interviews with us and like always I learned a ton of stuff from him for the mission but also a few tips for back home. Today we also had to say goodbye to Elder Lopez as he just finished his mission. He served really well and we all had a great time together in the pench and doing divisions together. Elder Jackson will be staying with us for a bit longer though as he will receive Elder Chamberlain from Colorado. he is a cool guy he is big into skiing so I can already tell this transfer will go by super fast. hope it all goes well this week for everyone! 

Monday, April 16, 2018

April 16, 2018

This week I taught my very first lesson in English! we got a refence for the states! her name is Viviana and she was living in New York for 25 years and recently she moved back here. She was always interested by the temple in New York so she came to church yesterday and she loved it! We set a baptismal date with her as well and she is so pumped for it! She said yesterday that today would be her very last cup of coffee!! She is super awesome and really prepared, but teaching in English was super weird. It made me a little worried for how my home coming talk would be. Elder Ruiz even got to practice a bit of his English. It’s crazy how much he has learned in the mission. If we stay together for the next transfer maybe you’ll get to talk with him on mothers day! The work is still going great especially because we got to do a ton of divisions this week in our area! This week on Saturday we find out what the transfers are, so we will see if I stay or go but, I’m really hoping to stay! I hope you guys have a great week! love ya
Elder Maller

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

April 9, 2018

How’s everyone doing? This week was the best week so far! We started off the week with some zone conferences which was super crazy, it was now the craziest zone conference I have ever been to. We were taught to refer to ourselfs as bautizadores or baptizers! the mission is going great people are baptizing more than ever. This month in April we are expected to get about 150 this month!! After we went over to Carmens and we ate a great lunch at Carmens with all the boys. I got to talk with Elder Afleck and he is in Los Pinos right now, which is were I started and from what he said it seems like that area has changed a ton ever since I have been there. When I was there, there was not a lot of baptisms, but now its one of the best area in Ramos Mejia! the zone here is doing great, we got to do a little bit more traveling this week and I think even in this next week because Elder Ruiz and I got a special assignment as assistants bautizadores or assistant baptizers or something like that. Elder Ruiz and I still don’t really now what it’s all about but I think it means that we are going to be doing a lot more divisions with a lot other random areas in the mission. It should be a great time. Elder Ruiz and I are doing great, we have transfers in like two weeks and we both are gonna be bagging prez to keep us together. we have just had a lot of fun together. I hope you guys have a great week love yall!
Elder Maller

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Apr 2, 2018

General Conference week was a great one as usual! About half the zone got together and we watched it in English. If I had to pick my favorite talks it would have to be the one either by Elder Eyring or form Elder de Feo, but there was a ton of others that I also really liked. Elder Durrant gave a trunky talk lol. During Elder Zivics talk I don’t remember much of what he said but I remember feeling the spirit really strong. When President Nelson announced the new temple in Salta everyone was super excited about that!  Its in a really great location too.  Many members from northern Chile, Bolivia and Brazil will also have a new temple really close by them. The days leading up to General Conference were great too. On Friday President called us and asked us to organize a tormenta blanca in Marcos Paz 2. Tormenta blanca means “white storm” and it’s when everyone in the zone goes to one area to work. We had to do it that very same day so by some miracle we got everyone together, even the elders from Lobos! We all blew that area up! In about 4 hours we invited over one hundred people to get baptized and eleven of them accepted the invitation. At the end of the tormenta blanca we were able to give 40 references to the hermanas!!!! It was a huge success, everyone really worked hard. This coming week we have some divisions to do with the zone and we got zone conference on Wednesday!! It should be a good one and I’m excited to tell y’all about it next week! Love you
Elder Maller