Elder Maller

Elder Maller

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Dec 19 - 2016

Wow this week went by quick!  I had my first zone meeting on Tuesday and I actually understood it pretty well (it’s all in Spanish).  This week we taught about 20 lessons, which is less than normal cause we’ve been busy with meetings and interviews.  I see so many crazy things happen in a day like I’m pretty much used to it now cause it’s hard to remember some of them.  Out here I wish I had like a GoPro camera and could just stream everything to you guys.  Saturday was my first baptism and Elder Udall let me baptize her.  Her name is Zoe Veronica Prieto and she’s 10 years old and really smart.  It was hard for me for some reason to memorize the baptismal ordinance in Spanish and it actually worried me a lot for some reason, but I said everything fine but apparently I forgot to close my eyes, but whatever.  Her mom gave a great talk about the Holy Ghost.  I couldn’t understand a lot of it cause she was crying a lot.  The thing about argentines is it’s not hard to understand them cause they speak fast, but because they slur their words soooooo bad.  It’s like the equivalent of the famer guy who shoots the cow in front of the bus in Napoleon Dynamite, seriously like exactly the same.  Thankfully not everyone is like this, it’s mostly with the older people. 

Yesterday it rained hard but nothing too bad.  Lots of people came to church for some reason.  We got a baptism this Saturday for Guillermo and he is a beast (spiritually).  He’s in a wheel chair and he’s really old so I don’t really know how were gonna baptize him but Elder Udall has got it covered.  I feel really bad for him, I feel like I’m not doing much to help him sometimes but he doesn’t really need it to be honest.  He’s a great missionary, me and him click really well and he says that he’s really impressed with how much Spanish I know for the first two weeks in the field.  Also, bore my testimony in sacrament and that went better than I expected, actually I think it went well, cracked a few jokes that gets them every time.  They laugh about everything here it’s pretty funny.  hope all is well with you guys, love you   

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