Elder Maller

Elder Maller

Monday, May 29, 2017

May 29, 2017

This week was great except Sonia Bueno couldn’t make it to church yesterday and she still hasn’t gotten confirmed yet.  The first Sunday her granddaughter had a baby the second Sunday was stake conference and then yesterday she couldn’t make it because she was feeling really sick!  So it has been about 3 weeks and she still hasn’t been confirmed.  I think we might have to re-baptize her which is a bummer; she will be a sweet member. This was the first week were we opened the new half of our area and it wasn’t to bad.  There are a lot of prepared people over there that we are working with. There is this one Bolivian named Patricia that we are working with.  She wants to be baptized but her senor doesn’t want to get married and he is just the biggest bum haha, but we are working with him. Patricia would be a great member.  Her daughter got baptized a few months ago and she has been a good help for us. The other day I felt like we should go by this guy named Oscar.  I found his record buried in our area book, so we went by the house and found Naomi who was Oscars wife.  But it turns out he died a few months ago.  We taught her a killer lesson of the plan of salvation and it hit her straight in the heart, it was awesome.  We left and the spirit was so strong it was awesome.  I think tonight we are gonna go back and follow up with her.   The crazy thing is as we were leaving the lesson we went looking for this other guy named Luciano and we didn’t know exactly where he lived so we just started asking people.  We were kinda dumb doing this late at night because it was dark, we were both in our big black coats and I think some people thought we were the police or the CIA or something because we were walking towards this group of people smoking weed (which is normal cause every block there is someone doing it) me and my comp walk by and my companion hears this guy say to the other “grab the gun!”.  His buddy runs inside!!   Me and my comp got out of there real quick hahaha.  My comp said he peeked around the corner and the guy was looking around for us it was crazzzzy hahahaha.  Wasn’t that scary though.  Me and Elder Wihongi were laughing about it a ton right after.  The mission is great and I’m still loving every bit of it.  Hope you guys all are well love, yall

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