Elder Maller

Elder Maller

Monday, August 14, 2017

August 14, 2017

This week in Parque has been pretty sweet. Saturday we got the double baptism of Morena and Melanie which was pretty awesome. Yesterday they got confirmed as well! They both are pretty animated about the church, cause now they have a bunch more friends. Ever since we met them, we invited them to the mutual activities and they have gone ever since. This week we also bought them the Book of Mormon for kids, which has all the pictures and stuff. Already they almost have finished it haha. They both fight over it all the time but they just can’t get enough of the Book of Mormon stories. It even caught the eye of their parents and now they are starting to read the Book of Mormon as well! 
Today is also the very first day of transfers!! and we find out the changes today but this past Thursday at 10 at night the assistants called us and let us know the changes. Which made it almost impossible to sleep after hahah. But I’m staying in Parque and will be receiving Elder Mayorga!!  We are already great friends. He was in my very first district and we spent 3 transfers together. I’m really hyped, not only because we’re good friends, but because I know we are gonna work really well together!  We had done a ton of divisions before and every time we did them all of our appointments fell in the day so we were forced most of the time to finding. I’m not sure what kind of luck we had together but we always found some really great people, which is especially what we need in Parque right now.  Recently we dropped a bunch of our investigators so we are gotta pick up the finding again which is always fun and I know it’s gonna be great with Elder Mayorga!!  I’m actually really excited!!  This Wednesday we also get to meet and hear from Elder Mark A Bragg from the seventy!!  Pretty pumped because I really enjoyed his talk in general conference!  I hope everything is going great back at home. The summer break is about to wind down soon hahah; enjoy every bit of it!!!  

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