Elder Maller

Elder Maller

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Jan 16, 2017

Well this was just the most unlucky week of my life I think hahah.  It all started last Monday when the power went out because of a huge wind storm that hit us and blew over 6 electrical poles like a block away from our pench (apartment). So the power was out for two days and on the second night we got permission to spend the night with the other Elders, unfortunately they got locked out of their pench (apartment) so they had to call the office Elders to get the spare kays and it was just awful we didn’t get to bed till like almost 12.  We still decided that we would go play soccer in the morning, which we did, and as I was walking, and idk how it happened, but I stepped wrong and sprained my ankle really bad, like never this bad before.  I think it was because my calf’s got so tight because we just started running in the morning, which was the first time running since being home and I think I’m actually starting to gain some weight.  Anyways it was soooo bad that my toes got swollen and a couldn’t wiggle them.  In the beginning they even though I would have to go home and that was the worst to hear, I wanted to cry.  So that day was hard, I had nothing else to do so I just prayed all day and most of the next day and now I’m able to walk on it with a air-boot.  I should be able to work a bit tomorrow.  They say that I should be good by end of next week so that has been quite a miracle.  I didn’t think I’d be able to walk on it for a while and I’ll be staying in the mission if all continues to go well.  Oh and they shut off our water that day too, but we got it fixed so everything is mostly back to normal.  In a few weeks were moving penchs (apartments) to a brand new one with AC, soooooooo happy about that.  We also had transfers today and me and Elder Udall are still together, so no changes for us.  All is well, we have a Columbian family that is progressing very well.   There whole family came to church and we did a family home evening with them and another group of members. It’s still stinking hot here and the humidity is wrecking our books, like all our planners are wavy, is pretty funny.   Love y’all cha chooooooow

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