Elder Maller

Elder Maller

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Feb 27, 2017

Hola.  Transfers!!  Elder Udall is going to the Marcos Paz district and Elder Maller is staying in Los Pinos with Elder Jacobson!!!!  Just found out like 5 minutes ago.  I’m gonna stay in Los Ppinos for another transfer with Elder Jacobson, don’t know much about him except he is from Arizona. He is  gonna be the district leader also. I’ve heard a lot of good things about him so far from the other missionaries. He’s a pretty calm guy but loves to work, which is just what we need.  I have been really happy these past few weeks, it’s just been really easy to live in the moment out here even though this area isn’t having a lot of success and were still struggling to bring people to church. The mission really is great I worry sometimes that I’m not gonna learn all that there is to be learned out here or do all the that Lord wants and needs me to do out here because really time out here fly’s by.  Btw I hit 4 months today!  It may seem to you guys like I’ve been away forever haha, but I seriously get nervous about the time here and how it works because when a moment passes it’s gone - like now. I would say this week has also been the worst for weather so far especially because they shut off our water and then our electricity and those nights were pretty hot without a fan.  Hottest day this week was 42 degrees with humidity! 

Love Elder Maller

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