Elder Maller

Elder Maller

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Apr 10, 2017

This week was great we saw many miracles and many great stories too.  To start we got a baptism this Saturday and other one the next Saturday, it’s just too bad I’m being transferred to Villa Tesei tomorrow.  The one guy getting baptized this Saturday is a miracle though. The week we found him and started teaching him, his tires for his truck blew out like a day before so he couldn’t work but he is always busy busy. Even until today he hasn’t been able to completely fix the tire, but there would have been no way we would’ve been able to receive the lessons from us. His friend is also a convert and has a crazy story but he is now a bishop so he has also been helping him out. 

For another story my companion got robbed with me on Thursday but all the guy took was his agenda, it was pretty funny and a little scary but not too bad.  The dumb part of the story is on Saturday night we walk by the same corner at the same time of night and the same drunk guy comes up to us again and starts telling us that he has his agenda but we have to go to his house to pick it up............. so I think we’ll go back and get it hahahahaha, jokes what a trap hahah.  Sunday after church as well was pretty funny cause we saw a huge mob and it was just a big street fight on the same block as us so we were just like ‘ok let’s just turn the corner’ and as we reach the next corner the police pull over literally right in front of us and bust a bunch of kids for drugs so we turned again but it was so funny to see both that happen right in front of us back to back hahahahaha.  We also found out that our ward seminary teacher taught that you can pray to your heavenly mother if you want to sooooo ya hahah.

Great last week though in Los Pinos though two baptism coming up in the next two weeks I’m a little bummed that I miss out on it but headed for Villa Tesia and apparently they baptize a lot there so I’m pumped.  My new companion will be Elder Wihongi who is a New Zelander!!! nuts hey.  Our area is also kinda close to the Furete Apache so who knows if I’ll do divisions there or not but I’m pumped right now just so happy in the mission. I really don’t think I want to leave the mission it’s just the best here. 

con amor Elder Maller 

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