Elder Maller

Elder Maller

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

July 10, 2017


This was a really great week, I’ll get some of the funny stories out of the way first. Right after I wrote you guys last week, we walked out of the computer shop and these two guys started fist fighting in-front of me like in real life! Haha; like a foot in-front of me.  The guy got all mad cuz some other guy didn’t pay him or something but the guy ended up breaking the other guy’s window.  I have noticed not many people here have much chill haha. This week as well we noticed that our neighbor’s rottweiler could get on our roof because our houses are right next to each other.  So one morning we are doing our studies and then we here the dog walking around on the roof so for fun we hit the roof with a broom handle and right after we hear something happen, we weren’t sure what it was, it sounded like the dog was crying.  After we finish our studies and get ready to leave I open the door and the dog is standing right in front of me outside! and the dog can’t leave because every house here has gates.  So until we could befriend our neighbor’s dog we couldn’t leave hahahah.  It was a little crazy cuz this dog always barks and always want to kill us haha.  Everything worked out though, we feed him some of my cereal and we became friend’s hahaha.  Finally this area is also starting to progress!  We got a couple baptisms in line for the end of the month, so we will see how things go!  I’m loving it here in Parque, we had a week full of rain and it says it will rain all of this week as well.  It’s not even cold though. Everyone has been telling me that July is the coldest month but it’s been the same as a Canadian spring.  This week we have a zone conference with President that is expected to last 8 hours and then right after we get our first interview!!  I’m pretty excited for this week!!  Hope summer break is going great!!!!  Love Ya 

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